New discount Travel Club product gets Dubai launch

The 2018 Dubai Global Summit, taglined DasCoin: A New Era, witnessed a host of exciting, important and ground-breaking announcements from DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias and other speakers – as well as news of the imminent Travel Club membership.

During Michael’s keynote speech he discussed the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, which he believes will go hand in hand with blockchain technology in the future. Michael told the audience to expect “more and more products and applications that tie all of this together”.

The importance of cycles within the strengthening Das ecosystem was another crucial point. Michael clarified that cycles will enable new collaborators to purchase blockchain services, network services such as software development, marketing, management services and support etc. Michael explained: “All of these things are going to be available to developers who are creating applications in our ecosystem.”

Another key area of focus for Michael Mathias is the AlliancePay project, which in his own words is “really helping people see DasCoin is doing something different with its structure.” He stressed how “AlliancePay is incredibly historic as it is showcasing us doing something in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm in a very unique way. Because we are allowing you to automatically sell DasCoin to fulfil a transaction – and that idea is just the beginning.”

Read more on the latest news from the AlliancePay team HERE.


Traveler CEO Michael Culhane gave an engaging overview of a recent collaboration with the Das ecosystem which could prove to be a real game-changer for current future Advocates and any future license holders.

Michael detailed the superiority of the discounts on offer at Traveler compared to its main established rivals. He went further by demonstrating how this new model would for example reduce rates from $187 a night for a hotel room to an incredible $87 a night room. The Traveler platform will offer first-class business flights for around $6,000, when direct competitors are charging $16,000 for the same service. He said: “This new collaboration democratizes travel to the level where everyone can participate, enabling customers to experience luxury that’s previously ‘never been discounted’.”

The slide below details the exciting ways in which Advocates will be able to take up from the launch date of the service on 14 January 2019.

The Traveler deal



Michael Mathias shared some updates concerning the composition of the DasCoin Board with the departure of DasCoin Chairman , Eberhard Wedekind, and non-executive director Soon Hock Lim. Michael thanked them for their service to date and praised  Augustine Ha Ton Vinh for his continued commitment to serve as a DasCoin non-executive Director. Speaking of Augustine’s dedication to his role, Michael said:  “He sees his role in a way that I want all our directors to see their roles. He is here to stand for integrity and the community.”

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