Social Impact and Blockchain: Plotting a Sustainable Future

Sustainable social responsibility is about people, planet and profit. And crypto is a vital tool to scale sustainability across global borders.

The United Nations agrees. It wants to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, including the end of extreme poverty, vaccinations for all and affordable and clean energy in developing nations.

These goals were adopted by world leaders at the UN’s Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015. Encompassing everything from health, to gender equality and education, SDGs help focus efforts to ensure the world’s population and the planet that houses them are not forgotten in the quest for profits.

At the centre of this global movement is DasCoin, thanks to its new crowdsourcing platform, Das33. DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias was among a select group of business leaders presenting at a briefing at the UN in September – discussing how new financial technologies could help the United Nations’ SDG ambitions.

“The feeling of hope and feeling of confidence in the future is palpable,” Mathias told dignitaries at the event. “The number one technology that is going to achieve these SDG goals is blockchain; it has the most potential to achieve them.”

And Mathias speaks from first-hand experience – Das33 went live in September this year with its launch project, Greenstorc, a next-generation energy company already breaking ground on its own pilot project in Kenya thanks to Das33 crowdfunding.

Named after the 33 nodes on which its blockchain is constructed, Das33 allows users to submit their own projects, promote them, and fund development, while anyone from the community can support ongoing projects and help take them from initial idea to reality.  

Greenstorc creates clean energy from any heat source, principally using geothermal technologies, and is the perfect example of how Das33 and its partners can help change the world. Its disruptive heat-to-power energy solution generates constant, affordable, renewable power from the ground anywhere in the world, without the requirement for an external power supply. The social uplift potential is hard to measure

Greenstorc technology also harvests waste heat from industry and agriculture to generate zero emissions electricity. Its long-term vision is to bring electricity to millions of people in remote parts of the world – people who have never previously been connected to a national grid.

The Greenstorc team is led by CEO Paul Flynn, who says cryptocurrencies and distributed finance constitute a game-changing social partnership that has arrived just in time to help companies like his ensure the benefits of change are also felt in developing economies.

“There are so many small organisations that are living under the guidelines of the United Nations that want to help achieve these goals. But they need that transparency of action and that’s what the blockchain gives,” said Flynn at this year’s United Nation’s SDG panel and this is where Das33 can make a difference.

“Das33 has made history by becoming a unique crowdsourcing solution which offers a high level of security and governance over every business venture that seeks crowdsourcing,” said Mathias. “Das33 also draws on the phenomenal support from our community through our super-efficient blockchain.”

Das33: An alternative crowdfunding model with enhanced social governance

The Das33 world premiere comes at a time when ICO platforms are losing traction with the public. The Das33 crowdfunding alternative addresses this issue through a governance model which ensures that every application is assessed by seasoned business professionals. An independent assessment committee is tasked with making sure that only projects with the most potential are approved for crowdsourcing.

And Greenstorc is destined to make a positive impression on the crowdfunding community, said Mathias, and not just as Das33’s high-profile launch project. “It’s a great idea, with great technology and fabulous people behind the company,” he said. “Everybody is going to enjoy this company – and especially the people behind it.”

The next step for Das33 is to complete the Greenstorc funding project while at the same time onboarding fresh ideas from new start-ups, or more mature enterprises that require a funding boost.

After the Greenstorc pre-sale sold out in just 60 hours, the crowdsourcing process continues. But on September 30, the Das33 website was rebooted to incorporate a user flow which permits companies to submit their projects.

The eventual vision is that Das33 will represent a powerful solution to the muddled world of ICOs – with an in-built vetting system that requires all potential collaborators to pass through two assessment filters, the second of which involves an independent assessment committee, headed by Ruud Hendriks, whose glittering CV includes a spell as co-head of sales for Europe for Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

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