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Blockchain-based products and services for entrepreneurs, startups, banks, governments, and enterprises

Introducing DasNet

Multi-tiered business solutions and support

At the Core:

Access to an authenticated blockchain network

Every member of our community is fully authenticated using the banking-standard KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Access an already established market of pre-approved customers that is continually growing. The community can act as a growth engine for your business, and will always operate according to internationally accepted bank-standard protocols.

The Platform Layer:

Access to industry-dedicated blockchains

DasNet will host a range of interoperable blockchains from the world of fintech to fashion and everything in between. The first of these, our fashion blockchain, was announced in Paris on March 26. Businesses from any industry will benefit from the speed, security and efficiency provided by our proprietary blockchain technology and have the ability to offer new token assets on the Das platform.

Application Services:

Business solutions from concept to execution

Businesses can access a wide range of Application Services offered as an end-to-end business solution, or independently. These include blockchain-focused marketing, technical support, business support (including token offering guidance) and customer support.

A world of opportunities

Giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to build powerful apps on a world class platform


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