Das33 completes full launch as start-ups start to submit projects

The Das33 website has been updated since September 30, when it began accepting new projects to be submitted to accompany the first “beta” fore-runner for the unique tokenized platform, Greenstorc.

The front page user journey has been significantly altered, and it starts with a simple message that reaches out to both the participants and project owners on this exciting crowdsourcing facility. The message reads: “Das33 is the place where great start-up concepts reach a community inspired to support them.”

Two buttons then invite readers to do one of two things. They can of course “pledge support” – which navigates to the pre-existig page explaining the process of DasWallet application -> KYC completion -> Project selection -> Pledge funds.

But now they also have an alternative choice. Owners of business start-ups or even mature enterprises that require a funding boost can click on the “How To Register Your Business” button which introduces a whole new flow for projects.

Under the banner “Create Your ICO Project” these new businesses are invited first to create as Das33 account. After taking some basic personal details, the website will ask you to supply your desired Token Name, its function or utility and the desired project goal. There is also an opportunity to describe the economic model of the business.

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias explains how the Das33 “premium token” is potentially an industry game-changer

After submitting a one-off fee and documents to verify the authenticity of the business – these include a White Paper, a Business Plan, plus a single document with the CVs of key personnel – the project moves on for internal checks before being passed onto the independent assessment committee.

At this point, if the project is approved, it is formally launched onto the Das33 platform in the same way that beta project Greenstorc reached the DasCoin community.

The first funding round will then be triggered – allowing participants to pledge DASC in return for a KPI-backed premium token. The mutual benefits of these tokens, believed to be unique within the cryptosphere, have already been widely disclosed in these pages and elsewhere.

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