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An Open Letter from the CEO

To Every Member of the
Das Community

As we start the new year of 2019, I want to personally thank each of you for being a part of this journey so far. Thank you for your continued belief in the people and the ideas behind Das. And thank you for taking action to support a more enlightened alternative to the world’s legacy systems. What started as a vision for a better way of creating, storing and exchanging value has now manifested into one of the world’s most advanced digital asset systems. An innovative collection of ideas has inspired a group of talented people to dedicate themselves to the goal of creating a hybrid system of digitized value. In less than two years since the launch of the DasCoin blockchain, we have established a vibrant global system with over 150,000 accounts from over 150 countries. This represents the foundation of a system that promises wider access, increased utility, enhanced transparency and greater opportunities for everyone involved. This hybrid system also promises to deliver levels of reliability, efficiency and fairness unmatched by all existing digital asset systems.

Tremendous progress has been made with the Das ecosystem over the past year. DasCoin began trading on three public exchanges in April under the symbol DASC, and since then another two exchanges were added where DASC trades 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the launch of AlliancePay in June, it has now been proven that DasCoin can be used to fulfill charge card purchases made at merchants throughout the world, first with the use of online virtual cards and then with the introduction of physical AlliancePay cards. In Das33, we introduced a new kind of token (called a “premium token”) as well as a new way to crowdsource support for promising new projects, the first of which was STORC – a geothermal energy project that will publish its first successful quarterly results on January 7th and will make the first premium transfer to the digital wallets of its initial supporters on January 14th. Throughout the year, in promotion of the ecosystem, DasCoin was represented within a wide spectrum of media and at a number of important events, including appearances at the United Nations in New York City and on CNBC in the UAE as well as at the DELTA Summit in Malta and the BitFest conference in Amsterdam.

It was known from the beginning that our path to success would include considerable difficulty and numerous challenges. Change can be hard – for everyone involved. Transformative new systems cannot be established overnight. They require time, dedication, perseverance and tireless work. To those of you who feel that we have not progressed fast enough during the past year or are disappointed that the world has not yet discovered the true value of DasCoin, I’d like to personally tell you that I’m sorry your expectations have not been met, but I appreciate your patience and am confident it will be rewarded in the coming year and beyond. During the past six months, we have taken significant steps to strengthen the entire ecosystem operation. We emerge from this period with a leaner and more dedicated staff working for our ecosystem companies and a consolidation of operations, development, support and marketing into one location (in Belgrade, though there will still be support staff operating from Asia and Latin America to provide more timely service to those markets). I encourage everyone involved with the Das ecosystem to commit to executing at an even higher level in the coming year. 2019 is going to be a very important year in the history of this ecosystem, as you may gather from some of the main deliverables laid out in the current roadmap. I try to have the roadmap be as accurate as possible, but please forgive me for the minor adjustments made periodically – refinements are necessary as conditions change, new insights are gleaned and strategic partnerships emerge.

DasCoin set to hit top gear after public exchange launch

We are starting out strong in the new year with DasCoin being introduced as the mechanism for distributing revenue share to Resellers for both of the main Excelz products: SmartTools and Traveler. DasCoin will also be featured as the way Resellers earn a 2% bonus on every booking made within each Traveler membership they sell. These are two prime forms of utility that showcase the strength of DasCoin as a global rewards currency. In April, we will introduce the DasMarkeplace, a curated members’ marketplace that will be led by an initial offering of high-quality health products from Thai-based TRM (a company that everyone felt a lot of love for after hearing their presentation at the Dubai event). DasMarketplace will be accompanied by the launch of an innovative multi-tiered DasWallet affiliate program. Other upcoming milestones this year: the first iteration of DasPay (designed to provide blockchain-based efficiencies to the payments industry), the launch of a dedicated blockchain services unit of the ecosystem, new offerings on Das33, the rollout of AlliancePay cards, and the introduction of our first ledger-based credit product. These are just some of what’s planned for 2019. All of these initiatives are designed to increase utility, improve efficiency and attract greater participation. We are getting to the point in our development where the utility of what is created will naturally begin enlarging our community. I expect the cumulative effect of this year’s efforts to result in a considerable increase in the size of our community. A substantially larger community using the Das ecosystem in increased and varied ways is likely to lead to a significant appreciation in the overall value of the system, expressed in the value of the store of value unit.

Finally, I want say to each of you that I love you for having the courage and the vision to take action in support of the Das ecosystem. Your instincts are correct and we are truly on our way to establishing a better way to create, store and exchange value. Thanks to your support, we have established a solid foundation and are now able to grow the ecosystem in exciting new ways. With your continued cooperation as well as your steadfast faith and trust, we will succeed in developing a world-class digital asset system that unlocks prosperity for millions of people around the world.


Michael Mathias
CEO, DasCoin