Major Expansion in DasRoadmap Update

In a significant call from Michael Mathias on Thursday 9th August, DasCoin announced that the latest iteration of the DasRoadmap has been published on this website. The DasRoadmap not only provides insight into where we are headed as a company, but also gives you a transparent overview of the DasCoin vision and the significant steps we are taking to make that vision a reality. You will see the exciting direction DasCoin is taking, with many extraordinary milestones ahead of us!

Hold tight, as we still have so many new launches coming, including: DAS33, DasMarketplace, DasRewards, Fashion Blockchain Launch and DasNet app launch. And that’s before we even reach 2019! We heard you, and we want to share more information about our plans with the community.

See the DasRoadmap here:

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