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Dear Friends and Colleagues in the Das Community,

Every sincere member of our community wants to see DasCoin go up. Of course! If DasCoin goes up, it shows that the ideas and principles on which this digital asset system was founded have created success for all of us on a global scale. This would undoubtedly make everyone in our community very happy. It would prove to the world that Das truly is the better way that we all knew it to be deep in our hearts. And we would all share in the rewards of having seen this vision early on and played roles in helping to make it a reality for the rest of the world to enjoy. People throughout the world benefitting from a better way to create, store and transfer value: this is our collective dream, and we work hard every day to bring this to reality.

Nonetheless, given the current price of DasCoin, it’s easy to understand why many of us are frustrated, sad, depressed or angry. After all, it’s now been over two years since we launched the Das blockchain and we are still very far from the levels of success we had imagined for ourselves. Worse yet, we feel tired from the struggle and beaten down. And there are even those within the community who feel the situation is hopeless. Some members of this group suffer quietly with despair while others lash out with vitriol in public social media forums.

I completely understand that the current situation is very challenging for everyone in the Das community. My message today is simple: the difficult times will soon be behind us.

I want each of you to know that I am in the final stage of clearing everything that stands in our way. The key to the solution is having a good team, which I now have in place in every area of the ecosystem – including technology, operations, marketing and financial. This is a team that I can fully trust. Finally, we can hold hands and move forward with strength, dedication and purpose.

You will recall in one of my recent email messages that there were many damaging dynamics occurring within our ecosystem. These many problems were caused by my struggle to find people who I could trust with the many important responsibilities of the ecosystem. Because we grew so fast, I ended up trusting too quickly and not checking enough. This led to a number of people coming into my circle and attempting to steal from our community in a myriad of ways. I’m happy to report that this dark period has now ended, and a new era is starting.

As we move forward, I have several important statements to make:

All resources held within Excelz accounts are secure. While the ownership team of Excelz controls the domain name, the underlying system has been set up so that the administration of Excelz accounts are under the control of our digital wallet system and one of the ecosystem’s core technology providers. This was a precaution taken to ensure the best interest of the members of the Das ecosystem. The safety of our community’s resources has always been of paramount importance to the DasEcosystem.

Access to these resources will be provided through DasWallet. Currently a plan is being worked on which will enable each of you to access all resources through your DasWallet account. Those who have not yet created a DasWallet account will be encouraged to do so immediately, so that resources can be transferred and made available.

The transfer of account balances to DasWallet will be completed within less than 30 days. The implementation of this plan will happen as quickly as possible. It is well understood how important this is to every Excelz member.

It has not yet been determined if Excelz will remain operational. So far, communication with the Excelz ownership team has not yielded any conclusive decision about the future operations of the company. It is hoped that this decision will be known within the next seven days. As soon as a decision is received, it will be communicated and appropriate action will be taken. Should the company operating Excelz choose to terminate its operations, the companies within the DasEcosystem will work together to ensure that all Excelz customers, resellers and consultants are made whole in terms of both value received and opportunity offered. This is the strength of our ecosystem.

Products from Traveler and SmartTools will be on hold for the next 30 days. Until the situation with the Excelz ownership team is resolved, products from Traveler and SmartTools will be suspended. Pending the outcome of Excelz, appropriate action will be taken. With such strong backing for these products in our ecosystem, it is hoped that this disruption in service will only be temporary.

The remaining proof-of-concept AlliancePay cards will be delivered this week. Brian Semkiw, global payments expert and co-founder of Carta Worldwide, announced at the leadership summit in Bangkok that the remaining cards would be sent out as soon as possible. Brian just confirmed today that one group of cards went out this past Friday and the final group of cards will go out tomorrow (Monday). This will successfully complete the proof-of-concept stage of AlliancePay, and sets the stage for the commercial rollout.

The rollout of AlliancePay cards will commence at the end of June. Again, at the leadership summit in Bangkok, Brian Semkiw announced that the rollout of AlliancePay cards to members of our community will begin at the end of June. More details on the rollout, such as who will get their AlliancePay cards first, will follow in the coming weeks.

The next Das33 project will be AlliancePay. It’s official: the next Das33 project will be for AlliancePay. The premium token featured in this project will reward token holders based on the fees generated by cardholders.

Official DAS Community Telegram channel is now open. After exploring a few different social media options, I have decided to open a new Telegram group that will act as the official channel of communication for the Das community. I realize there are many different Das-related Telegram groups right now in different parts of the world. Now let’s unite all of them all under one group. I have created this group myself and will serve as the first admin. I am committing to coming on this group on a regular basis. This will be the one social media destination where I make timely announcements to our community. I will still send out occasional email messages but that channel cannot be used every day, whereas this Telegram group can be used multiple times in a day if needed. So please connect all of your other groups to this official channel. Let’s join together everyone from DAS from around the world.

More communication to follow this week on a DAILY basis. See everyone in the new Telegram Group!


Michael Mathias
CEO, DasCoin

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