Greenstorc’s exciting Das33 journey continues

After a highly successful Das33 pre-sale launch of Greenstorc, the second stage in the funding process – Round 1 – began on Monday 17 September. After achieving a €1.5 million pre-sale target in just 60 hours last weekend, the new release of premium tokens are expected to prove popular. All Round 1 pledges come with 67% bonus tokens.

Round 1 funding also aims to achieve a €1.5 million raise and is accessed through an active, KYC-compliant DasWallet account. The minimum commitment is €25 while the maximum ceiling for this and all remaining scheduled funding rounds has been raised from €25,000 to €250,000.

After DASC was given pre-sale exclusivity, Round 1 also supports Bitcoin. Both digital currencies can be pledged directly through a DasWallet – and there are also plans to introduce Ether (ETH) pledges in future.

Greenstorc is the pioneering ‘beta’ project for the crowdsourcing token asset platform Das33. Other companies will be invited to take advantage of the Das33 platform from September 30. Greenstorc is a renewable energy business that harnesses heat from the ground.

Paul Flynn, Greenstorc CEO, thanked members of the DasCoin community who had shown such enthusiasm for the project in the initial funding round. In a special video released on Monday, he said: “Corporations don’t care about people but people care about people. Greenstorc’s mission is to bring power and water solutions to communities around the world that don’t have what most of us take for granted.

“But that means we can’t be measured in profit. That’s not what we’re about we but we can be measured in growth and that’s what Das33 does. It has tokenized us as an asset and is tracking our KPIs in growth as we deliver megawatt by megawatt to do the right thing.”

What Are STORC Premium Tokens?

To function as a crowdsourcing platform – also known as a token asset offering – Das33’s Chain Authority creates units called ‘premium tokens’ on the DasCoin blockchain for each project it supports. Each token represents a potential future value based on the project meeting clearly defined goals.

In the case of Greenstorc’s premium tokens (also known as STORCs), the key performance indicators are the number of sources of power the company creates in the future, and the number of installed megawatts of capacity that these sources can produce.

For each new source of clean energy built, participants will receive the equivalent of €0.01 (1 eurocent) in DasCoin every quarter that the energy source is operational, rain or shine, for every STORC token held.

Das33 a New Era for the DasCoin team

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias has welcomed Greenstorc and its fundraising efforts on the Das33 platform, saying it represents a critical milestone in his company’s development plans.

“The team is really impressive,” said Mathias. “It’s a great idea, with great technology and fabulous people behind the company. We’re finally at that moment we’ve been waiting for on Das33.”

Pledge DASC or BTC to receive your STORC tokens (plus a 67% bonus) through DasWallet.

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