DasCoin set to hit top gear after public exchange launch

DasCoin’s launch onto public exchanges is set to take place at a landmark event in London on April 27. The month of April will see a flurry of promotional activity including further major news about DasCoin and its ecosystem. Momentum is building ahead of what is sure to be the most critically important date in the company’s history thus far.

CEO Michael Mathias says: “The next level begins when the ecosystem has a store-of-value unit that will be traded on a public exchange, or multiple public exchanges. Once we are at that level a lot of other things can happen and we start to reach the next stage of our ecosystem.

“We are heading to public exchange on April 27 and we are doing it at a big event in London. That involves a lot of the collaborative partners coming into our ecosystem and starting to develop their solutions on our platform. In preparation for that there are a lot of conversations going on. I’ve been talking to a lot of different companies.

“We’re going to be making many formal announcements on ecosystem partners and a lot of those are going to be ticked off in London. There will be more information shared in London than at any of our other events. I guarantee we will be at a different level at this event. We will be breathing different air at that time.”

Getting ready to add public exchanges onto the internal trading platform

Ahead of the London event, Michael plans to reveal where DasCoin will initially be traded.

“On 27 April we intend to launch DasCoin on one to three exchanges. The idea is we want to cultivate a market, we don’t want to stratify and fragment all the activity and interest to various places. We want to start slowly and grow this.

“We think the rational place is one to three exchanges and that’s where it will start. And with balance, with what’s going on with these exchanges, we will expand that and add more. We want to have significant exchanges offering DasCoin. That’s where we are going and it will start with one to three.”

Until the launch onto public exchanges, the only way to gain access to DasCoin is through the purchase of a NetLeaders license. These grant a certain number of Cycles which can be converted into DasCoin once they are presented to the Minting Queue.

Leading public relations firm enlisted for further support

Meanwhile, Michael has signed up global leaders in the world of public relations, Burson-Marsteller, to assist with DasCoin’s communication strategy and brand engagement at a critically important time in the company’s history.

“We are bringing on Burson-Marsteller as a world-class PR firm, I would say the best public relations firm in the world. They will work on behalf of the ecosystem. You will see a lot more coming out, a lot more information about the ecosystem.”

DasCoin is already starting to create waves, with a feature in the April edition of London Lux magazine and a picture of CEO Michael Mathias on its cover.

A fashion show at the top of the Eiffel Tower on April 26 heralded another significant moment in DasCoin’s history when Michael revealed details of a new blockchain-enabled tie-up to help designers protect and authenticate their original work.

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