DasCoin open for business as source code hits GitHub

On April 1, a year and a day after the DasCoin blockchain began operations, its source code was published onto GitHub, allowing developers around the world to see what makes DasCoin’s revolutionary blockchain technology tick.

Built with C++, and based on the BitShares Graphene platform, the DasCoin blockchain marries speed, security, scalability and efficiency to create a unique offering within the market place.

With transparency at the heart of the network, the release of the code comes shortly before the April 27 launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges, allowing users outside of DasNet to enjoy the benefits of the DasCoin ecosystem for the first time.

Michael Mathias, CEO and Founder of DasCoin, said: “Releasing the source code on to GitHub has allowed us to prove to the world that our blockchain is as revolutionary as we’ve been saying.

“I’m happy to say that we’ve already seen a great response from the community in relation to the quality of the code, and our decision in releasing such a valuable part of our technology, and indeed our business, into the hands of the community.”

Github is a repository platform where developers can share their open source code, receive feedback and discuss specifics of their submissions with other developers.

Privacy layer protects DasCoin network from attacks

With the source code released, those inside and outside the network can audit the blockchain on their own terms and see for themselves how the DasCoin blockchain changes the landscape when it comes to storing value going forward.

It is important to note that although the technology is open for the public to view, details of the blockchain’s node architecture remain private.

DasCoin uses a unique master node architecture that allows high performance and huge scalability alongside true security for users.

Proof that the outside world is latching on to the utility, speed and overall efficiency of DasCoin’s blockchain had come six days earlier when the organization announced a major link-up with the fashion industry.

A series of smart contracts will allow talented creative artists working in the world of fashion access to a cost-effective way of safeguarding their fashion designs and authenticating their products.

Protecting intellectual property In the world of fashion, designers often have to share their original work among multiple parties. To do so successfully, while retaining ownership of the designs has previously been an expensive, complex process.

By embracing a hybrid solution featuring the best of centralized and decentralized approaches, the DasCoin blockchain is set up to allow truly frictionless peer-to-peer transactions and contracts.

Reducing risk and costs, while improving speed, efficiency and transparency is at the heart of blockchain adoption industry-wide.

DasCoin intends to be positioned at the very epicenter of a global genesis in which blockchain and distributed ledger technology will eventually be considered the norm when it comes to business protocol.

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