DasCoin launches on three exchanges as DASC

We’re delighted to announce that DasCoin has now launched on three exchanges; BTC-Alpha, Coinfalcon, and Eubx. Across the three exchanges are a huge number of trading pairs for DASC and a number of options to purchase with fiat currency.

Below you can find key information on each of the exchanges. Don’t forget that if you want to send DasCoin to an exchange from your WebWallet you’ll need to update your Validator (you can find more information about this at the bottom of the post).


BTC-Alpha is on a mission to provide a crypto exchange “for the new generation”. Users can buy and sell over 30 coins —including DasCoin — using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD.

Tradable Instruments
A.C.C.C, Akencash, ATFS, Briacoin, Bitcoin, BitcoinZ, BitShares, Cerberus, CVCOIN, DasCoin, DIM Coin, Ethereum, PARKGENE, GMIT, HollyWoodCoin, KZ Cash, LHCoin, Litecoin, PIRL, Prizm, QBIC, Regalcoin, Risk Sharing Token, Skraps, SPARTA, TL Coin, TRF TravelFlex Coin, TRKC Truckcoin, Universal Cash, Victorium, ZeroOne Coin

What are the DASC trading pairs?




  • 0% cryptocurrency deposits
  • Credit card deposits through Perfect, AdvCash and AlphaCode
  • USD $1 minimum credit card deposits
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Chatbox allows traders to interact with each other in real time.
  • Active Facebook, Twitter and Telegram handles
  • Languages include Russian and English



The CoinFalcon mission is to put the future of money in the pockets of the world. It does this by providing one of the cleanest interfaces of any cryptocurrency exchange. Now anyone can make their first purchase of DasCoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

One key benefit of CoinFalcon is the ease of depositing and withdrawing with Euros. Users can do this straight from their European bank accounts via SEPA, with payments costing just €1 and taking between 1 to 3 days to be confirmed.

CoinFalcon will also be rolling out a world-class mobile app, allowing users to access any of their 32 cryptocurrencies while on the go. The platform features an ‘advanced view’ where you can view your full trade history across all coins and the balance of your entire portfolio. The site also has a ‘requests page’, making it easy for the community to suggest updates and new coins.


Tradable Instruments

Euro, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Iota, Storiqa, Bitcoin Cash, Nano, DADI, Lamden, Kin, Verify, Dentacoin, Golem, Rebellious, SophiaTX, LydianCoin, VeChain, SwissBorg, Crypterium, Viuly, eBitcoin, OriginTrail, Garlicoin, Ripple, Electra, WePower, Cardano, XTRABYTES, WAX, RefToken, Dogecoin, Tron

What are the DASC trading pairs?





European Blockchain Exchange (EUBX) is a brand new exchange based in Estonia.

EUBX creates the optimal trading experience thanks to a decentralised, peer-to-peer system traded on the revolutionary BitShare’s ecosystem. Each operation on the BitShares ecosystem has an individual fee, however lifetime members can vote for these fees to be altered by the committee if a consensus is reached. Lifetime members (currently costing 1457 BTS) also get back 80% of all network fees and earn 60% of what they pay in network fees.

For security EUBX offers industry-grade, elliptic curve cryptography, meaning that no one will be able to access funds unless authorised by the user. To enhance security, they offer escrow and multi-signature schemes.


Tradable Instruments

DasCoin. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitshares, USDT, Dash, Doge, Steem, SBC. Also offering these stable coins pegged to national currencies: BitUSD, BitEUR and BitCNY.

What are the DASC trading pairs?







  • Attentive customer support.
  • BTS voting system creates flexible and responsive governance
  • English, with more to come
  • Driven by Smart Contracts
  • Incredibly fast network with 100,000 transactions per second


Updating your Validator

  1. To move DasCoin from your WebWallet to an exchange, you’ll need to update your Validator.
  2. Add the Ledger Manager application to your Google Chrome browser
  3. Open the Ledger Manager application
  4. Connect your Validator to your computer via USB and input your pin number
  5. In the list of installed applications, find the DasCoin application and click on the “bin” icon to uninstall it
  6. Now click on the green “download” icon next to the “bin” icon to install the new version of the application
  7. Confirm the installation on your Validator device and wait until it is completed
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