DasCoin (DASC) begins trading on IDAX exchange

2018-09-05T10:31:47+00:00September 5th, 2018|

DasCoin has started trading on IDAX. The exchange becomes the fourth to trade DASC as it follows the path cut out by CoinFalcon, EUBX and BTC-Alpha. Trading pairs will be DASC-BTC and DASC-ETH. IDAX has developed out of the international Global Blockchain Research Centre and has worked hard to put [...]

Innovative tokenization project Das33 set to launch in early September

2018-08-30T16:57:54+00:00August 30th, 2018|

Our development team at Round Globe in Belgrade is working around the clock to deliver Das33. With excitement building ahead of this key innovation, DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias appeared on the NetLeaders Weekly Webinar on Wednesday to explain some nuances around how this exciting development will work. So, what is [...]

Major Expansion in DasRoadmap Update

2018-08-16T16:32:48+00:00August 16th, 2018|

In a significant call from Michael Mathias on Thursday 9th August, DasCoin announced that the latest iteration of the DasRoadmap has been published on this website. The DasRoadmap not only provides insight into where we are headed as a company, but also gives you a transparent overview of the DasCoin [...]

DasCoin to launch on fifth public exchange – IDAX

2018-08-20T11:50:42+00:00August 16th, 2018|

As DasCoin (DASC) accelerates its trading potential, a fifth crypto-platform deal has been made, this time with a Top 50 exchange for listing by the end of August. IDAX has emerged from the international Global Blockchain Research Centre based in Mongolia to become one of the most successful entrants to [...]

DasCoin set to trade on CoinBene in exciting development

2018-08-01T10:56:16+00:00August 1st, 2018|

DasCoin (DASC) is to be listed on CoinBene, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges globally. The announcement was made by DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias, who said: “Public trading is a crucial part of the DasCoin journey. We are very excited about listing on CoinBene, which has quickly become one of [...]

DasCoin blockchain now hits super-fast three seconds per block

2018-08-06T16:10:46+00:00July 13th, 2018|

We are delighted to announce a really exciting landmark moment: the DasCoin blockchain speed has been radically improved from six seconds to three seconds per block. A three-second block time makes the DasCoin blockchain one of the fastest in the world. With an expectation that higher volume will be required [...]

Blockfolio joins the DasCoin party amid wider awareness of ecosystem

2018-05-25T14:49:29+00:00May 25th, 2018|

Hot on the heels of achieving a CoinMarketCap listing, DasCoin (DASC) can now also be found on the popular crypto specialist app Blockfolio. If you have financial interest in cryptocurrencies, there’s a very good chance you’ll check your holdings on the Blockfolio app on a frequent basis. Blockfolio is the [...]

Coinmarketcap listing gives DasCoin enhanced credibility

2018-05-23T11:13:53+00:00May 23rd, 2018|

Coinmarketcap.com, the number one choice when it comes to tracking the latest price movements of cryptocurrency, has started listing DasCoin, and you can track the latest movements through this link or by typing DasCoin into the search box on the home page. According to Amazon rankings, Coinmarketcap is the 44th most [...]

DasCoin’s public exchange launch comes amid flurry of announcements

2018-05-03T10:20:42+00:00April 28th, 2018|

DasCoin completed a successful launch on public exchanges at a memorable event at London’s O2 Arena on Friday. EUBX, BTC Alpha and CoinFalcon all began trading DasCoin in the immediate aftermath of DasCoin: The Evolution of Money. You can read more about those exchanges in our earlier blog. Michael Mathias, [...]

DasCoin launches on three exchanges as DASC

2018-05-02T09:54:41+00:00April 27th, 2018|

We're delighted to announce that DasCoin has now launched on three exchanges; BTC-Alpha, Coinfalcon, and Eubx. Across the three exchanges are a huge number of trading pairs for DASC and a number of options to purchase with fiat currency. Below you can find key information on each of the exchanges. [...]

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