DasCoin in front line of blockchain-based global improvement

The incorruptible digital ledger system is set to change our lives for the better, but precisely what impact blockchain will have on us is still difficult to predict. However, the possibilities are truly limitless, and DasCoin aims to be at the forefront of this expansion.

While the goal of becoming the world’s first mainstream digital currency remains a very realistic one, DasCoin’s ambitions remains keen to pursue the full potential of blockchain.

Thus, the same technology that powers the DasCoin Blockchain will be used to develop a new blockchain, built on DasNet, to provide the fashion industry with a cost-effective way of safeguarding designs and authenticating genuine products.

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias said: “Because of our very efficient blockchain technology we are the most cost-effective operation. We are reaching out to a number of industries and offering them solutions and the first of them happens to be the fashion industry.”

Building on DasCoin’s blockchain: Introducing DasNet

With an authenticated blockchain community at its core (NetLeaders), DasNet is the infrastructure that businesses will be able to use to harness blockchain technology.

Dedicated and interoperable blockchain configurations will be scaled up for a range of specific purposes. Blockchains will be developed for third-party ICOs, plus government and enterprise initiatives.

The supply chain industry, film, entertainment, sport and insurance are among the sectors who could themselves find benefit through DasCoin’s technology while assisting with the growth of DasNet.

In all cases, we will ensure that prospective partners meet our strict compliance standards to safeguard our stance as The Currency of Trust.

Some other examples of blockchain-based applications

Proving we were born on a certain day, under a certain name and to an identifiable mother is vital. Without it we would find it almost impossible to obtain a passport, vote or even open a bank account. But in the second decade of the 21st century, paper records are a flimsy way of dealing with such important data. So, birth and death certificates are another realm that would gain significant progress with blockchain technology.

There is already in existence a browser-based application that replaces paper birth and death certificates with “smart” certificates. The browser-based API allows for easy and secure registration and retrieval of birth and death certificates and identification records worldwide using an encrypted key and internet connection.

It automates the issuance process of birth or death certificates and creates a national platform for linking smart contracts based on identity and reputation. The current problem where a government may continue to pay for social welfare to a deceased person could be overcome once we have digital records interlinking with one another.

Making elections fairer

Have you ever looked at an election and questioned its validity? This sentiment is shared around the world, particularly in developing countries. One project in development would prevent large-scale corruption and electoral fraud by offering a secure and transparent online voting solution that uses blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography.

This ensures that election results are honest and accurate. An open-source voting platform would lend transparency to election results by allowing voters to independently audit the ballot box. With so much discussion following on from the US Presidential Election and the possibility of Russian interference, this appears to be exactly the sort of technology required to radically transform elections for a fairer and just society.

Limitless options for the future

These three case studies merely scrape the surface of what can be achieved in the next few years with blockchain. It is a technology that businesses are quickly waking up to, and while it won’t immediately affect how people go ct their daily life, it is set to create efficiency and cost-effectiveness on a large scale.

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