DasCoin embraces global partners in DasAlliance ecosystem

At DasCoin, the foundations of a powerful ecosystem are already in place ahead of its launch onto public exchanges on April 27.

The coin itself is built on a consortium blockchain designed for high performance. Speed, scalability and security are at its heart and it has the potential to take cryptocurrency to a new level.

But in order to be a success, DasCoin needs to have a powerful network of partners pulling together to make its entire ecosystem as effective as possible. We call this network DasAlliance. And in this blog, we introduce those various elements and explain what they do.

NetLeaders – A Community of Leaders Building a Better World

NetLeaders is a community whose growth is harnessed through incentivized marketing. Its structure ensures the entire ecosystem is strengthened by providing rewards to members who bring new people into the community.

NetLeaders is a crucial component in the DasCoin distribution model since a NetLeaders License gives the license-holder Cycles, which they can use to mint DasCoin. NetLeaders is effectively the in-built growth engine for the ecosystem.

On purchase of a NetLeaders license (these licenses range in value from €100 to €25,000) the identity of users is authenticated and once they are certified on the network these new members of the community receive their Cycles. They can also apply to be advocates which provides them with rewards for onboarding new members.

WebWallet – Built for security and ease

A user-friendly digital wallet with a simple interface, WebWallet has security at its epicentre, and yet gives all its users a simple experience when it comes to entering and exiting the Das ecosystem.

Seven days after purchasing a NetLeaders license, users are invited to create a WebWallet account. They are also authenticated at this level through the implementation of bank-standard “Know Your Customer” protocols.

The security is provided by the Validator, a cutting-edge hardware device which connects to devices via USB. It is a requirement that every user accesses, trades and withdraws DasCoin via the Validator.

The Cycles that come with a NetLeaders license are commonly minted to generate DasCoin. In time, more and more users will retain Cycles to access a wide range of blockchain-enabled services. WebWallet will effectively act as the enabler to give customers fluid access to all these services.

Business partnerships across the world

With key bases across the globe and well over 100 employees between the individual companies, the DasAlliance is a truly international operation. And its growth is only accelerating as it builds towards the launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges and beyond with 2018 a hugely important year.

Belgrade, Serbia is the base for the headquarters of RoundGlobe Technologies. RoundGlobe is a software development center delivering high-quality scalable products and as such is responsible for the day-to-day operation of DasCoin’s blockchain.

NetLeaders has offices in both London and Las Vegas. The UK base is the marketing hub while the Stateside operation is busy preparing to welcome the US market into the ecosystem. Another important DasAlliance partner is TechSolutions, the company that aims to enhance the user experience. It operates in both Belgrade and Kuala Lumpur and provides multilingual support for all NetLeaders license-holders.

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