DasCoin all set for major launch on public exchanges

Welcome to the new DasCoin blog. This is our first post ahead of our launch on public exchanges on April 27, and in the run-up to that momentous event (and beyond, of course!) we will be publishing regularly here, bringing you the latest news and stories from DasCoin, The Currency of Trust.

DasCoin is a better way to store and exchange value and is the next step in the evolution of money. It seeks to optimize the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of existing currency systems. It is fast, efficient, balanced, secure and scalable.

DasCoin’s focus is to create a digital currency that delivers superior performance through greater regulatory compliance. Protected by industry-leading security protocols and a permissioned blockchain, DasCoin is a pioneer in the sector with the goal of becoming the world’s first mainstream digital currency.

However, DasCoin is more than just a coin. It is at the center of an innovative digital asset system featuring a series of ground-breaking initiatives. Some, such as DasPay – a breakthrough multi-currency payment facility embracing speed, scalability and security – are already generating a huge amount of excitement. DasPay will allow its customers to pay for goods with DasCoin in more than 60 million merchants worldwide and is on track for launch this year.

Our technology partner is Carta Worldwide, whose CEO Brian Semkiw is helping us build the technology behind DasPay. Semkiw has heralded DasPay as an “incredibly important product” and you’ll be hearing much more about DasPay in the coming weeks, including an interview with Brian himself.

Even in the run-up to the big event in London, DasCoin’s highly efficient blockchain technology has placed it in an ideal position to reach out to a number of industries and offer them solutions to make improvements in the way they do business.

The spheres of creative arts, insurance and supply chains are all areas set to benefit from DasCoin’s blockchain expertise. There will also be opportunities for the ecosystem to host third-party ICOs.

From April 27, there’s a whole new way to purchase DasCoin

Once DasCoin launches on public exchanges at an event in London on April 27, full details of which we will be announcing very soon, cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the wider world will be able to purchase DasCoin on public cryptocurrency exchanges. Up until now, the only way to acquire DasCoin has been with a NetLeaders license. Our unique distribution model allows NetLeaders license-holders to mint DasCoin.

More and more people are discovering that by drawing on the strengths of both existing money and emerging digital currencies – whilst eliminating their combined weaknesses – DasCoin truly is the next step in the evolution of money.

Which exchanges will DasCoin be trading on? How do you get an account with the exchanges and how do you use them? We’ll be helping you understand exactly how you can buy and sell DasCoin when the public exchange goes live.

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