Das33 achieves rapid €1.5 million raise for first ICO project, Greenstorc

We are delighted to report that a radical new, crowdsourcing platform for the ICO space – Das33 – has successfully completed its pre-sale target for pioneering ‘beta’ project, Greenstorc.

It took just 60 hours to mobilize the DasCoin community to pledge €1.5 million of DASC to Greenstorc – a project creating renewable energy by harnessing heat from the ground.

The total Das33 target for the Greenstorc ICO is €5 million. While the pre-sale offering was available through DASC only, the remaining scheduled funding rounds (One to Four) will also directly accept BitCoin (BTC) and there are also plans to accept Ether (ETH) in the latter stages.

An active, KYC-compliant DasWallet account is all that is required to participate in the Das33 project. The next funding round is due to begin on Monday at 1430 CET and will provide 67% bonus tokens.

How does the Greenstorc project work?

To function as a unique, curated crowdsourcing platform within the ICO space, Das33’s Chain Authority creates units called ‘premium tokens’ on the DasCoin blockchain for each project it supports. Each token represents a potential future value based on the project meeting clearly defined goals.

Greenstorc’s premium tokens are STORCs. The key performance indicators that are applicable for STORCs are the number of megawatts the company creates in the future, and the number of installed megawatts that these sources produce.

For each new source of clean energy built, participants will receive the equivalent of €0.01 (one eurocent) in DasCoin every quarter that the energy source is operational, rain or shine, for every STORC token held.

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On top of that, for every new megawatt of production capacity installed by Greenstorc, participants will receive a one-time extra premium of €0.01 (one eurocent) in Dascoin for each STORC token held.

“Our concept of premium tokens is a genuine innovation,” says DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias. “They are neither a utility nor a security token – but a smart contract. The “if-then” logic of computer code comes in the form of a token – if ‘this’ company achieves ‘this’ milestone represented by KPIs that I as a participant can verify, then the company will transfer a certain premium to the token holder.

“This is auditable and verifiable. It is one of the reasons that the blockchain was created in the first place – to create a format of token like this. It does not conform to utility or security token dynamics – our premium token is a third category.”

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