Coinmarketcap listing gives DasCoin enhanced credibility, the number one choice when it comes to tracking the latest price movements of cryptocurrency, has started listing DasCoin, and you can track the latest movements through this link or by typing DasCoin into the search box on the home page.

According to Amazon rankings, Coinmarketcap is the 44th most popular website in the US. It is used by crypto experts and new adopters alike. Our Coinmarketcap listing gives it heightened visibility alongside the world’s most established coins and gives the whole ecosystem enhanced credibility.

The exciting news comes less than a month after the launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges, and the immediate announcement of three exchanges, EUBX, CoinFalcon and BTC-Alpha.

As the go-to website and app in the crypto space for checking the key statistics around any coin, Coinmarketcap ranks in excess of 1,600 coins by:

  • Total market cap
  • Price
  • 24-hour volume
  • Circulating supply
  • Gain/loss in a 24-hour period

Its home page is a popular destination for anyone wanting a snapshot of price trends and is commonly used as a means of ranking the top cryptocurrencies.

The DasCoin page on Coinmarketcap features handy embedded links to DasCoin’s website, the source code page on GitHub and DasCoin Explorer, the website that shows real-time information on the blockchain. The official DasCoin Twitter channel, now with 29,000 followers, is also linked off the page.

Early reaction from the NetLeaders community has been hugely positive, with the listing proving another major milestone as the ecosystem pushes forward with a host of exciting initiatives such as the launch of the Das33 token asset offering platform at the end of June.

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