Blockchain on the catwalk: DasCoin technology protects the fashion industry

DasCoin has proved that the blockchain sector is about far more than virtual coins by announcing a major link-up with the fashion industry.

DasCoin, The Currency of Trust, will be traded on public exchanges for the first time on April 27 in London. And in the lead-up to this huge day, CEO Michael Mathias is already working hard with industry leaders across various sectors to help them provide efficiency solutions via the DasCoin blockchain.

The first industry blockchain to be built on DasNet is a pioneering solution. It has set in motion a series of smart contracts to allow talented creative artists working in the world of fashion access to a cost-effective way of safeguarding their fashion designs and authenticating their products.

DasCoin hosted a fashion show on top of the Eiffel Tower on March 26 where full details were revealed about how designers could utilise DasCoin’s cutting-edge ultra-efficient blockchain technology to their advantage.

And it all comes at a time of active discussions with other industries – both in the creative world and the generic business environment – who are eager to utilise DasCoin’s technology. In some cases, these discussions are already at an advanced stage.

Many industries queuing up to jump on DasCoin’s Blockchain

Michael said: “Because of our very efficient blockchain technology we are the most cost-effective operation. We are reaching out to a number of industries and offering them solutions. The first of them happens to be the fashion industry.

“There are music-related solutions that are coming, as well as entertainment, film and sports. Then there’s the true industry blockchains: insurance, the whole supply chain world, an immense amount of solutions are on their way.

“This is just an event for us as an ecosystem to reach out to fashion industry leaders and let them know about protecting creative works and also for providence, which is confirming the origination of design products to make sure they are really authentic.

“There are some really interesting solutions that will be happening on March 26 that we will be sharing on the day.”

The strengths of the DasCoin blockchain are:

  • Fully confirmed transactions in just six seconds
  • Capacity to process more than 100,000 transactions per second
  • A permissioned structure that provides industry-leading security

Speaking more widely about the inherent strengths of DasCoin’s blockchain, Michael added: “There is a lot of interest in our platform. We believe that with this whole industry the competition is going to come down to what platform you can count on to be future-proof.

“Where can you invest your time, attention and resources to be assured that this will be sustainable long-term and stable? And that’s what has a lot of people who are well educated about the space interested. They can recognise the strength of our model and that’s starting to get around.

“I am in conversations with a lot of different companies and a lot of solution providers. We have an ICO platform that will be launching later in the year. There are a lot of people that understand the strengths of our ecosystem and there’s going to be a huge amount happening.

“As everybody knows we are heading to public exchange on April 27 and we are doing it at a monumental event in London and after that we will be moving into this next stage. That involves a lot of the collaborative partners coming into our ecosystem and starting to develop their solutions on our platform.”

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