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The DasCoin Purpose

DasCoin is a better way to store and exchange value and is the next step in the evolution of money.

DasCoin is the blockchain-based currency at the center of an innovative digital asset system that seeks to optimize the strengths of distributed ledger technology. The system is fast, efficient, balanced, secure and scalable.

DasCoin is focused on creating a digital currency that delivers superior performance through greater operational efficiency, increased transaction capacity, wider distribution, better governance and greater regulatory compliance. Protected by industry leading security protocols, DasCoin is a pioneer in the sector with the goal of becoming the world’s first mainstream digital currency.

The DasCoin codebase is open source and can be viewed on GitHub. You can also visit DasCoin Explorer to see blocks built in real time.

Leadership Team

A sound system of governance is one of our most important differentiators. Our Board of Directors brings together years of global experience in fintech, business management, innovation and compliance to ensure DasCoin remains at the forefront of digital currency and accountable to the community that uses it.

Executive Board Director

Michael Mathias

Non-Executive Board Directors

Augustine Ha Ton Vinh

Augustine’s story



In Memoriam of Anna Hejka

On Sunday, September 9, 2018, our community lost a great leader. But more importantly, the world
lost a truly amazing person.

Anna Hejka, a dear friend and irreplaceable colleague, was taken from us suddenly and unexpectedly after a brief but intense fight with an aggressive form of lung cancer. Anyone who knew her knew the passion with which Anna performed her role as the Chairman of the DasCoin Board of Directors. And she applied that same passion, that same strength and dedication to everything she did in her life. She was an inspiration to us all, and we are unable to describe just how deeply she will be missed.

As she often said herself, Anna had committed her entire life to a mission:

“…to make sure that the incredibly smart people, the incredibly passionate and incredibly hard-working people get all the support they need to create something very special. I love empowering people to fulfill their dreams and I do everything that it takes to make it a reality.”

Nothing we could say or write will ever describe Anna’s love for her work and her fellow human beings better than the above quote does. She was a true visionary and a caring philanthropist.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Anna’s husband, Piotr, and all of her family and friends. Her absence has left an endless hole in all of our souls, and we can’t begin to image the sorrow of those with whom she shared her personal life. We send them our deepest, most sincere condolences.

Anna’s loss is tragic. But even in death, she remains an inspiration. And each and every one of us is committed to doing everything in our power to keep that bright flame of inspiration and ingenuity burning forever. On that note, we can’t imagine a more fitting way to close this heartfelt dedication to Anna than with one of her favorite quotes:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny”
– Gandhi

Anna, you will remain forever in our hearts. Your words, your actions, and your principles serve as a beacon, a radiant light to guide us all toward becoming stronger, kinder, wiser, and altogether better human beings.

Thank you for everything.

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