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The DasCoin Purpose

Our vision is to lay down a global bedrock of trust that unlocks prosperity for everyone. By eliminating the problems of traditional money and adapting trust to the digital age, we are creating a better system for holding and exchanging value.

We are focused on delivering solutions that increase empowerment, enhance control and expand freedom. We believe the pursuit of these qualities will lead to a better, fairer, more prosperous future for all involved. We are constantly innovating as we create, maintain and evolve the world’s most secure digital currency.

Welcome to The Currency of Trust.

Leadership Team

A sound system of governance is one of our most important differentiators. Our Board of Directors brings together years of global experience in fintech, business management, innovation and compliance to ensure DasCoin remains at the forefront of digital currency and accountable to the community that uses it.

Executive Board Directors

Michael Mathias

Terry O’Hearn

Non-Executive Board Directors

Soon Hock Lim

Eberhard Wedekind

Anna Hejka

Augustine Ha Ton Vinh

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